A Whirlwind of Activity


I see I auto posted two more incomplete posts again. Oh well. I’ll add more to them as time goes on.

So, I have news! I have a gentleman friend! It’s a huge cliché, but it’s my boss and I simply CANNOT wipe the smile off my face. Yeah, if we get reported we have to end it, and he get’s “coached”. That’s Wal-Mart speak for “brainwashed”.

Yes, I can see all the ways this can go horribly wrong, but I can also see all the ways it can be incredibly right, and for once in my life, that’s what I’m focusing on.

It took me 3 days to realize I couldn’t stop smiling every time I saw him. It took me 5 days to think he might feel the same way. It took me 8 days to stalk him on Facebook to see if he was single. It took me 10 days to work up the courage to give him my phone number. It took him 15 seconds to ask me out, and that’s only because he spent 10 seconds stuttering over his good fortune.

We’ve gone out every night since the 19th.

  • We went to a movie on Saturday.
  • We had ice cream and went window shopping on Sunday. We stopped for a couple of beers and got spotted by one of the crew.
  • Monday we had breakfast for dinner.
  • Tuesday we dressed up and he took me to a fancy restaurant where one of his team caught us holding hands. Nothing like trying to keep a secret in a small town.
  • Wednesday we had room service.

He went home for the weekend on Thursday afternoon and won’t be back until Tuesday. Trust me, I’m counting the minutes until Tuesday afternoon.

In the meantime, I’m not talking myself out of happiness, I’m not freaking out, and I’m not worrying about the future. I’m seeing a world of YES!



Things I’ve Learned About Wal-Mart


I have long suspected some of these things, but being with Wal-Mart employees and wandering around the bowels of the store has cemented these things as facts.

  1. Our Wal-Mart hires the dumbest people on the planet. I’m not saying everyone who works there is a drooler, but the people who get dropped off for work by the short bus are over-represented.
  2. The Wal-Mart break room is quite possibly filthier than the outdoor toilets at a biker rally.

The Best Thing to Happen to Me Yesterday


Diarrhea. I woke up with it and therefore was late for work. Things got worse after that. How, might you ask?

I dropped two 4×8 sheets of peg board on my foot. I was very surprised to find my foot all in one piece instead of half of it somewhere in the parking lot.

Two of my coworkers were in a car accident on Monday as they were coming to work so Boss Glenn appointed me the supervisor.
I am barely able to be responsible for myself. I cannot be responsible for all the toothless, lazy people I’m working with especially when I want to be one of the lazy people.
Nor can I remain cheerful after I’ve told them the same damned thing 4 times. Nor can I see rainbows when the forklift operator takes off for a bathroom break when there’s only thismuch more work left on a project and only 15 minutes until lunch.
Nobody listens to me. Ever.
I cannot deal with Glenn getting irate at me when I lose my shit on people who won’t listen to me.
I cannot deal with Glenn telling me half of what he means and expecting me to dial up my psychic friends to figure out the rest. I wasted more time the last three days chasing him down and bickering with him about ‘I told you’ and ‘No you didn’t’.
At 2nd break I told Glenn he was going to have to find someone else to be responsible for everything.
For the last 10 days I’ve offered my organizational skills and brains, but I’m done holding the hands of nincompoops and arguers.
He accepted my offer and said I could go back to being anti-social as long as I organized the shipping containers and our area of the warehouse. That means I can stay gainfully employed and everyone can live another day.

Happy Tax & Titanic Day


On this day taxes are due and the Titanic sank. Coincidence? I think not.

At the new job I have 3 bosses and a supervisor. I seldom see the big boss, Greg, but he seems nice.

Glenn is the boss I work with the most, and he’s pretty nice. By the second day I decided he thought I was a complete moron because I ask questions.

The third boss is Chance or Chase and I’m not certain what his position is since everything he tells us is wrong.

Frank, the supervisor, is from the employment service that hired all of us. I don’t know whether he got the job because he was hired first or because he has a dick, but it certainly isn’t because of his mental capabilities.

Glenn told me on Friday that he wished the employment service had allowed him to work with everyone for a week or two and let him pick the supervisor because he would have picked me. Go me! I think he’s impressed that he can give directions or say something in passing and 5 minutes later I can remember what he said, unlike Frank.

For example:

Glenn: Take all the signs for apparel out of trailer 10 and put them in trailer 2. Find the white sign molds and put those in trailer 2 as well.

Me: The sign molds are in the warehouse where I put them on Tuesday.

Everybody: OK

5 minutes later

Frank: We need to take the signs for jewelry out of trailer 2 and put them in trailer 10. Then we need to open all the trailers and find the sign molds.

Me: NO! Apparel signs from trailer 10 to trailer 2. Sign molds are in the warehouse.

Everybody: You’re not the supervisor!

30 minutes later I’m in the warehouse getting the sign molds.

Glenn: Where are those other two?

Me: Searching the containers for the sign molds.

Glenn: Sigh.

Me: You think that’s bad, Frank lost his notebook this morning so he had everyone open all the trailers and search for it rather than putting them on the task you assigned while he searched on his own.

Glenn: Is that why you were working inside this morning?

Me: Yep. I don’t follow stupid.

Glenn: I wish you were the supervisor.

I encouraged him to let it ride since the other four people are friends and they will all probably quit if Frank & I switch. I certainly don’t want to be on this crew by myself just for a title. I ask Frank questions (that he can’t answer) just so he can feel powerful, but I’m my own supervisor just as I’ve always been.

Welcome to Wal-Mart

I'm guessing it has something to do with a lifetime of bad decisions.

I’m guessing it has something to do with a lifetime of bad decisions.

I finally got a job on the Wal-Mart remodel crew. I am employed through a different company which pays slightly better than Wal-Mart does and they offer insurance, including vision and dental, which is a huge plus.

I’m on the 7am to 4pm crew, and let me tell you, 5am is a butt ugly time of day. Getting up hasn’t been a problem since most days I come home and fall immediately into bed. Eating isn’t even as important as resting my old, tired bones.

When I was hired I was told it would be a moderately physical job and that might be true for someone who has been working construction. It’s not true for me. The amount of walking, bending, and lifting has just about finished me off. I’m considering taking up yoga just so I won’t hurt so fucking bad.

Our crew started with 10 people. One never did show up. One quit on the second day. One lasted two full days, another two and a quarter days, and another three full days. A new person started on Friday so we might have six people on Monday.  The attrition rate has been just as bad on the other two shifts.

I don’t get that. Everyone whines about no available jobs, but unless they can sit on their ass and collect $20 an hour they don’t want the job. Yeah, the pay isn’t fabulous, but it’s 40 hours a week Monday-Friday with cheap insurance. Honestly, the work wouldn’t be that difficult if I was in better condition.


What Have I Been Up To?


Certainly not cleaning my house.

I’m still job hunting, which is really bumming me out. I was pretty sure I was going to get a job at the Mexican restaurant, but it seems that everyone has been on their best behaviour. I applied at a few other restaurants in town, but I keep getting the same story…we’ll start hiring in a month. The dogs and I will be living in a van down by the river in a month.

OK, not really.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve started transcribing on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. It’s not highly profitable, but it keeps me in things like food, dog/cat food, cigarettes, music, and TV shows. It also pays a bill here and there.

I’m still learning, so the pay is pretty low, but I can see improvement. It used to take me the better part of a day to earn a couple of dollars, now I routinely make a little over $10 per day. That doesn’t sound like much, but (even I can do the math) it adds up to around $80 a week for sitting on my ass at home.

Taking into account all the breaks for dog bickering, laundry, coffee, TV shows, eating, and wandering around aimlessly, I don’t spend half as much time transcribing as I think I do. If I treated this like a normal 8 hour a day job, I’d probably make, I don’t know, $20 a day.

Reader Jen gave me names of some companies to do freelance work through, and I checked a few of them out, but while I’m still learning and getting my speed up, I think I’m going to stick with mturk. I don’t want to commit a faux pas with one of these better paying companies, and end up blackballed before I ever get started.

I do find transcribing compelling. Some of the audios are very boring, but others are quite interesting.

In the last few days I’ve learned a great deal about the McLaren Vale Winery in Australia.

I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about energy trading.

I love the style shows (or really any audios where there is only one speaker, and I’m familiar enough with there terms that I don’t have to spend a ton of time Googling for correct spelling). The style shows are great because the women speak slowly and clearly…maybe because their audience needs it.

I know somebody named Don Mattingly from the Los Angles Dodgers is on the outs with some guy named Yasiel Puig. It caused a great deal of arguing on some ESPN sport show.

Oh, and Pat Riley  Phil Jackson is now coaching  no he’s not for the New York Nicks  Knicks and the L.A. Lakers are going to hell in a handbasket. You can add that to the list of things I don’t care about. In fact, every audio I transcribe from ESPN goes on that list.

I know about the Texas Pit Crew, and all the good work they do for animals.

I’ve learned that every contributor on Seeking Alpha is a bad grammar spewing, self aggrandizing windbag who never pauses long enough to take a breath let alone think about what they are saying. These audios sound like 8-13 minutes of Robin Williams hopped up on coke, except they are in no way funny, or entertaining. They ramble on at Mach 10 with one sentence having no bearing on the one before it, or the one after it.

The only audios worse than the Seeking Alpha ones are the religious women talking about themselves and their followers as God’s People. Give me a break. We are all God’s people. Get off your high horse.

Could I see myself doing this for a living? Maybe, if I got better at it. For now though, it’s more of a hobby that pays for a few things.